Source code

Here you can find a small collection of some of the things I wrote to solve varius situations. In the hope that this might be usefull to someone. Everything below is licensed under GPLv2 and no later. If you need another license please contact me at <anything>@<thisdomain>

A program that can be used to find hidden files. To be exact, it checks if the files listed by the ext2 lib (which parses the filesystem directly from disk) can be accessed using the stat system call. This worked against a stupid rootkit on some linux system, no garanties that it works in other scenarios.
Some php functions for producing colors and such on an ANSI terminal. Mosty a note-to-self, since documantation is hard to find and read...
A small C program that watches a directory recursivly, using the inotify API, and sends mail-notification using qmail if any files change. Configuration is mostly hardcoded unfortunately.


MusicMiner: Visualizing timbre distances of music as topographical maps
Research paper from the Music Miner Project
Visualizing similarities in music
Another research paper for the Music Miner Project
Theoretisch kurz (german)
Theory of computation in 10 pages. (LaTeX source)


My progressive melodic death metal band
Café Musica
Die Jam-Session in Marburg